Ep. 4 – Chicago

Ep. 4 – Chicago

Jason and Matt discuss their favorite summer city – Chicago! Matt shares his first impression, why he loves Chicagoans and the best coffee shop to spot a DeLorean and a Gremlin. Jason talks about the city’s glorious lakefront, its legendary comedy scene and getting verbally harassed while eating a hot dog.

What Happened HEAR: Mick Napier and the Annoyance Theater!

Ep. 4 – Chicago Recommendations

Chicago Recommendations Map

Food & Drink
Astor Hall
Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf
Big Star
Billy Sunday
Gold Star
Happy Village
Heritage Bicycles
Hot “G” Dog
Hot Doug’s (closed)
Lost Lake
Lula Cafe
Maude’s Liquor Bar
Honey Butter Fried Chicken
Rainbo Club
Stan’s Donuts
Summer House Santa Monica
The Aviary
The Green Mill
The Lucky Horseshoe Lounge
DMK Burger Bar
Three Dots and a Dash
Timothy O’Toole’s
Wiener’s Circle
The Wormhole

The 606
The Annoyance Theater & Bar
Aqua Tower
Chicago River Boat Architecture Tour
Grant Park
The Improvised Shakespeare Company
The iO Theater
Marina City
Millennium Park
Navy Pier
The Paper Machete
Reliance Building
The Second City

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