Episode 14 – Disneyland
Jason and Matt head to the Happiest Place on Earth for the Season 2 premiere!

Episode 13 – Las Vegas
Jason and Matt head to the Entertainment Capital of the World for the Season 1 finale!

Episode 12 – Traveling During COVID
Jason and Matt hit the road during COVID!

Episode 11 – San Francisco
Jason and Matt visit The City by the Bay!

Episode 10 – Hawaii
Jason and Matt head to The Aloha State!

Episode 9 – Day Trips
Tired of sheltering in place? Matt and Jason offer up the coolest day trips to take from NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and more!

Episode 8 – New York City
Jason and Matt visit New York City, “The Greatest City in the World!”

Episode 7 – Memphis
Jason and Matt visit the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Episode 6 – Traveling with Pride
Jason and Matt celebrate Pride month!

Episode 5 – Portland
Jason and Matt keep it weird in Portland!

Episode 4 – Chicago
Jason and Matt discuss their favorite summer city – Chicago!

Episode 3 – Beach Awards
Jason and Matt head for the sand for their first ever Beach Awards

Episode 2 – New Orleans
Jason and Matt talk about getting boozy and woozy in one of their favorite cities – New Orleans!

Episode 1 – Los Angeles
Wish You Were HEAR debut! Jason and Matt explore the city where their podcast was born—Los Angeles!

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